Sammlung Serena
Sammlung Serena

Sammlung Serena

Tesoro Bracelet
Shades of pink Murano glass squares
Orione Necklace
Murano beads with cosmic pattern
Arlecchino Earrings - short
Earrings with one Murano glass diamond
Messina Necklace
Vivid blue Murano glass beads
Fiorella Bracelet
String of Murano glass cubes
Acquerello Necklace
Brightly coloured Murano glass beads
Acquerello Bracelet
Brightly coloured Murano glass beads
Nettuno Necklace
Double strand Murano glass necklace
Nettuno Bracelet
Double strand Murano glass bracelet
Nettuno Earrings
Murano glass bead earrings
Harlequin Bracelet
Gold leaf, squareMurano glass beads
Galassia Necklace, long
Black & gold Murano glass beads
Sammlung Serena